Thursday, October 28, 2010

Next Up: MSR PocketRocket

This was not my first camp stove cooking option.
I had originally planned on getting the Jetboil Flash. However,
the local shop was out of everything related to it (usually a sign
of a great reliable product). So while I sat there trying to figure out
option #2 it dawned on me that I could get the MSR PocketRocket
with a GSI Outdoors: Soloist for about the same price and have
essentially the same thing. The only gripe I had was that the
stove would not actually pack into the Soloist like it showed on
the box (GSI: a call-out on the diagram on the box of what stove
actually fits in there would be SUPER HELPFUL!).

Now this was not my only means by which to cook on this
particular trip, but we wanted to get better prepared for an
actual hike in trip in the early part of next year. I picked up
some instant oatmeal as well as three Mountain House Meals
to use this with (more on Mountain house later). Set up of both
was super fast, and easy. The PocketRocket lit up and burnt
like a jet engine. My brother's Jetboil was able to bring water
to a boil in what seemed like a minute. The PocketRocket was
neck and neck, taking maybe a minute and a half...two minutes tops.
When you're done, cut it off, let it sit (the supports actually glow orange),
and then pack it all away. I love it! I could honestly not be
happier with my purchase. There are only 2 things that set it apart:
1- The stability of a pot on the top is not totally secure, a balanced,
level base must be utilized.
2- There is no internal/incorporated igniter. This is a pro and a con.
Pro- You can actually use a pot on my stove direct without having to
but any additional bases, or stabilizers.
Con- You need an external flame source to light it (lighter, match, etc.)
I can only see wind as being the main issue on this, as most hikers don't
venture into the woods without at least one fires source, if not 2.

All in all I am happy. With what I spent if a Jetboil presents
itself as a better option, I am realistically only out about $40.
I don't see the need to change at this point though.

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