Thursday, October 28, 2010

First up- Eagles Nest Outfitters' Double Nest Hammock
My brother came across this gem a while back while I was still
toying with getting a Hennessy Asum Hammock system. The main
deterrent for getting the Hennessy was the price $180-230 up front
all at once for a sleep system just seems steep. Especially knowing
that I have no idea HOW I'll be sleeping in a hammock. Enter the
ENO Doublenest. For about $70 you get a hammock that packs into a
softball sized bag, weighs about nothing, and is super strong. We both added
the Slap Strap Pro hanging system as a given for our uses. So rather than
going ahead with purchasing the
Pro Fly. I decided to see if I'd enjoy sleeping
in a hammock and figured I
could make a more educated decision based on my
experiences afterward.
Nathan went ahead and pulled the trigger on the
Dry Fly since he had already tested his hammock out earlier.

All I can say is this: Eagles Nest lived up to every expectation.
Our camp was up and running in under half an hour, the hammocks
hanging in minutes, but the my tarp and his dry fly took a little time to
get hung right. Their attachment to the trees was cake,
but figuring out the best placement for the tie lines was trial and error.
After the first night two things became abundantly clear:
1- Unless you get two wraps around a tree trunk, your strap may slide
slightly as you are getting comfortable/situated in the hammock and over night.
2- When the temp drops below 50 degrees your body really does compress
your sleeping bag making for cold spots at the points where the majority of your weight is distributed to (in my case the shoulders and back side) The Ember Underquilt fixes this as it covers the outside of the hammock in a quilted cocoon.
In the morning however, my legs swung around, hit the ground and I stood up.
NO BACK PAIN at all! Full mobility and a sound night of rest.

We took our lessons from night #1 and made the changes we deemed
necessary for night #2 and it was even better.
Neither one of us will be using a tent again.

Thanks, Eagles Nest expecting a
check for a Pro Fly for myself and
Ember Underquilt , Guardian Bug Net from both of us.

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